The Gazzetta Antiquaria is online

di Carlo Orsi

In these weeks a small but significant innovation in the life of our Association is being launched: a new website which I am delighted to be able to present, created at my wish and that of the Board of Governors. The intention is to propose a medium of communication capable at once of garnering the legacy of past experience and, at the same time, taking advantage of the most modern and efficacious instruments that technology has to offer. In compliance with our shared desire to enable the initiatives and proposals of the Italian Antiquarians Association ( to reach an increasingly vast public, the website will comprise a lively online journal, a direct descendant of the glorious Gazzetta Antiquaria, founded in 1959, which has always been a crucial vehicle of information and contents. Indeed, I should like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed over the years to rendering this publication so authoritative: the colleagues, the art historians, the journalists whom I hope will want to continue to collaborate with us in this new editorial venture, which is conceived to expand the offer of the paper journal and to provide a useful platform for communication of the activities of the association. It will continue the outstanding tradition of the Gazzetta Antiquaria, hosting articles, reviews and debates, presenting and highlighting issues of interest to our Members, and more generally to the broader world of collecting, art history, museums, galleries and restoration. As well as interviews, videos, links to museum websites, periodicals and articles published in the Italian and international press, each Member will have the chance to present his business and initiatives and even the works on display. It will also provide an increasingly close contact with the Board of Governors and other colleagues in a stimulating exchange of information and opinions, in addition to the presence on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter), which is now more strategic than ever. There will be a complete archive of all the editions of the Gazzetta Antiquaria in digital format. A diary of the major appointments, shows, fairs and numerous other events, and a selection of the most important and cutting-edge publications will help to make the website a fundamental and flexible tool for work and consultation. A periodical newsletter will be sent by e-mail to all those who wish to subscribe and receive regular updates on what's new. The mission is to contribute to enhancing knowledge of the world of antiques and the numerous and articulated professional figures that collaborate within it, in that same spirit of nurturing taste and sensitivity that has helped to make the Italian market of ancient art famous the world over.

Carlo Orsi

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