Walter Padovani

Founded in 1997
Walter Padovani has established its Gallery since 2000 in Milan, in the prestigious fashion district. The Gallery deals mainly italian sculpture, paintings and works of art from
the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. The research with a particular attention to quality, provenance and conditions and the close collaboration with art historians are the strategic guidelines of the activity. The Gallery sells to italian and international Collectors
and Museums and also offers the following services: estimates, appraisals, consulting
for the formation of collections and asset divisions, support and advice for the practices
at Export Offices, handling and restoration of works of art.

  • Antonio Raggi
    Vico Morcote (Ticino), 1628 - Roma, 1686

    Santo vescovo trionfante sul demonio
    h. cm 104

    Provenienza: collezione Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco.
  • Francesco Foschi
    Ancona, 1710 - Roma, 1780

    La comodità di un viaggio in landau
    olio su tela
    cm 72 x 98,5

    Provenienza: Galerie Heim, Parigi,1971; Galerie Marcus, Parigi; collezione privata italiana. Bibliografia: Tableaux des Maîtres Anciens, Sculpture, catalogo della mostra, Galerie Heim, Parigi 1971; M. Vinci Corsini, Francesco Foschi, Milano 2003, pp. 104, 183, n. 98.
  • Lancelot - Théodore Turpin de Crissé
    Paris, 1782 - 1859

    A bacchanal in a landscape
    oil on canvas
    cm 130 x 98

    provenance: Georg Schaefer Collection
    Carrara, 1670 - Carrara, 1747

    Apollo and Marsyas
    height cm 36,3

    Provenance:Heim Gallery, London; The Arthur M. Sackler Collection, New York