Galleria Mossini

Founded in 1978
The Mossini Gallery, founded in 1978 by Massimo Mossini, is located in the center of Mantua a few steps from Palazzo Ducale, the palace of Gonzaga family, and is well-known for the study, the guidance and the sale of paintings from the 16th to the 18th century, as well as furniture and objets d'art. In recent decades in fact the Mossini Gallery has made itself available to superintedences, archieves, public foundations and private customers to give birth to important cultural initiatives. The year 2011 marks the entrance of Marcello, who represent the second generation in the tradition of the art market of the Mossini Gallery.

  • French manufacture
    Beginning of the XX century

    Great mirror
    Carved wood
    cm 170 x 140
  • Italian artist
    of the 17th century

    A fine couple of sculptures representing Tiber and Nile river
    cm 40 ca

    The rivers as gods of the ancient Rome, the Nile with the sphinx and the Tiber, with Capitoline Wolf.
  • Jean-Antoine Houdon (circle of)
    Paris 1741 - Paris 1828

    Marble bust of Madame du Barry
    White Marble
    cm 82 x 52

    Madame du Barry (1743–1793),favored and lover of king Louis XV, influential and charming woman.
  • Attribuited to Luca Forte
    Naples (?),17th century

    Still life with fruits and jasmines on marble top
    Oil on canvas
    cm 64 x 93

    This balanced composition, of the first decades of 17th century was inspired by the lesson of Caravaggio.