Galleria Mossini

(Mantua 1690 - 1769)

An historical scene, Death of Consul Decio Mure

1760 circa
Oil on canvas, inches 27,5 x 35,5

The work is of historical and theatrical nature and represents the fulfillment of a sacred vow for victory: the soothsayers had promised victory to the Romans over the Samnites on condition that one of the two consuls sacrificed himself. The work depicts the roman consul Decius Mure surrounded by his legionaries wearing the pretest toga and sacrificing himself to the gods in exchange for victory.Giuseppe Bazzani was one of the most important painters of the Italian late Baroque.He is particularly known for his religious paintings, which display impressive technical mastery and a skillful use of light and color to create evocative and spiritual atmospheres. His mythological paintings are often characterized by a vibrant vitality and a wealth of detail. Bazzani had a successful career, becoming director of the Mantua academy in 1758. His works decorate numerous churches and palaces in the city and his paintings are present in major European and American museum collections.

Bibliografia / Esposizioni

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