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For nearly 20 years Mirco Cattai has committed himself to high quality oriental antique rugs, field in which he stands out in the Italian and international market.
In January 2011 the new art Gallery, named after him, has been inaugurated and placed in a central location namely Via Manzoni, 12, Milan.
The vast collection of rugs, created between the 16th and the 19th century, is the result of the accurate quest and the meticulous selection of hundreds of specimen made by Mirco Cattai himself.

  • Turkestan Orientale
    beginning of the 19th century

    cm 364 x 199
  • Anatolia, Ghiordes
    17th century

    cm 189 x 132
  • Persia, Keshan
    second half of 19th century

    cm 314 x 240
  • Anatolia, Ushak
    beginning of the 17th century

    cm 155 x 114