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The Alessandro Cesati gallery specialises in European sculptures and works of art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Parallel to its founding and constant passion for iron and metalwork – a field the gallery is renowned worldwide for – Alessandro Cesati has been extending its spectrum of interests into the most varied niches of collecting for quite some time. Ivory, coral, wood, marble, stone, tortoiseshell and terracotta are just some of the many materials handled today by the gallery, which carefully selects items in such materials on the basis of quality, rarity and curiosity. Thorough assessment and study of the works are often carried out together with international scholars and experts, characterising the commitment and professional competence that the Alessandro Cesati gallery places at the heart of its business. The Alessandro Cesati gallery exhibits regularly at TEFAF Maastricht and at the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair


Alessandro Cesati Gallery is pleased to announce that the exhibition FEMALE FIGURES - Mannequins and Sculptures from 16th to 20th century will go on through May 20. The theme of the 'female figure' explored through a selection of Italian and European artworks made of the most different materials such as wood, marble and bronze. Along with some important devotional mannequins, other works on display are: a marble Virgin and Child attributed to Orazio Mochi, an Allegory of Poetry by Stefano Ricci and a bronze Bather by Antonio Maraini. An itinerary animated by three-dimensional works that, moving between sacred and profane, aims to highlight some of the countless formal solutions, elaborated by artists over the last five centuries, in an attempt to represent in a personal way one of the most ancient and recurring artistic subjects such as woman, in an often subtle and sophisticated balance between respect for tradition and search for an unprecedented modernity.

Opera Notificata

(17th century)

Devotional Casket

First half 18th century
Carved, gilded and lacquered wood, cm 29x39x34 (closed)

This extraordinary casket, made of lime and pine woods, looks like a curved box, richly decorated throughout with gilded carvings such as vegetal motifs and scrolls on a light green background. This exceptional work of art houses several paper, cardboard and fabric sets inside, animated by painted clay figurines that bring to life a spectacular and harmonious narrative with scenes from Jesus’ life. Opening the main body of the casket, the Nativity’s scene appears in the center under the one of the three Wise Men arrival; then flipping over these scenes we can see the Adoration of the Shepherds and at the top the Massacre of the Innocents. Finally - raising the top cover - are clearly recognizable the scenes of Jesus’ Arrest and Flagellation under the Jesus’ Crucifixion between the two Thieves.

Purse mount

1570 circa
Wrought and chiselled iron, gilded and damascened with gold, cm 12x13

(Lyon 1642 - Frankfurt 1716)

Antiope and two satyrs

Late 17th century
Polychromed wax relief, cm 27x35


1500 circa
Brass, cm 37h

Bibliography : A.E. Theuerkauff-Liederwald, "Mittelalterliche Bronzegefässe und Messingefässe", Deutscher Verlag für Kunstwissenschaft, Berlin 1988, n° 88, pag. 144; “Tefaf Maastricht 2003” exh, catalogue, p.185.

(Vittorio Veneto 1600 circa - Venezia 1670)

Fountain mask

1640 circa
Marble, cm 38h

Study by Dr. Simone Guerriero