Alessandro Cesati

Opera Notificata

(17th century)

Devotional Casket

First half 18th century
Carved, gilded and lacquered wood, cm 29x39x34 (closed)

This extraordinary casket, made of lime and pine woods, looks like a curved box, richly decorated throughout with gilded carvings such as vegetal motifs and scrolls on a light green background. This exceptional work of art houses several paper, cardboard and fabric sets inside, animated by painted clay figurines that bring to life a spectacular and harmonious narrative with scenes from Jesus’ life. Opening the main body of the casket, the Nativity’s scene appears in the center under the one of the three Wise Men arrival; then flipping over these scenes we can see the Adoration of the Shepherds and at the top the Massacre of the Innocents. Finally - raising the top cover - are clearly recognizable the scenes of Jesus’ Arrest and Flagellation under the Jesus’ Crucifixion between the two Thieves.

Alessandro Cesati
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