Renzo Moroni
Renzo Moroni
Renzo Moroni
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Ever since I was a young man, I felt the love for the antiques and history within me; dedicating myself to this profession came naturally, starting from furniture and marbles, taking a deep interest in the essence of the most prestigious materials. Eventually, a close friend of mine pointed me towards the realm of paintings, which I started studying carefully. From that moment onwards I understood what was the future of my enterprise, that is focusing on 17th and 18th century Roman painting, in particular still lives. A passion that evolved by visiting Italian and foreign collections and museums, reading relevant books and essays on this particular genre. This is a complex field, albeit rich in exciting discoveries, considering the speed with which studies evolve. I fondly – and proudly – remember a somewhat large painting that I sold as work by Massimo Stanzione… Discovering that it was actually by Ribera was a surprise! During my extensive career I uncovered pivotal paintings that remained anonymous in private collections or were sold at auctions. Among them I can recall masterpieces by Paolo Porpora, Abraham Brueghel, Andrea Belvedere and the main Roman and Neapolitan still life painters, but also Guercino and Francesco Albani, which later became the subject of studies and published essays by major art historians. I believe the work that lies behind this activity makes it exciting: the research and discovery of new works, the attention they require, the study and discussions with art historians, but also the cultural exchange that takes place with all the enthusiasts who come and visit my gallery. If undertaken with dedication and commitment, this profession will never undergo any crisis. I believe that the people we address will never tire of looking and profiting from such beauty. Our job will clearly need to be undertaken with transparency, knowledge and competence, fully exchanging ideas with art historians, so as to offer full warranties to clients.

(Naples 1615 - 1660)

Still life

Oil on canvas, cm 90x124

(Florence 1642 - 1710)

Still life

Oil on canvas, cm 86,5x71

(Naples 1646 - 1732)

Still life

Oil on canvas, cm 139x100

(Antwerp 1631 - Naples 1697)

Still life

Oil on canvas, cm 97,5x76,5