Giovanni Asioli Martini - Antiquariato

Founded in 1985
29 years of activity of the Giovanni Asioli Martini’s “Galleria Antiquaria”. Starting date: June 1985. Originally located in via Tommaso Campanella, then in 1992 moved to the current location of Via Emilia 3, Imola (BO). Activity: It mainly develops in the field of ancient ceramics in which Mr. Asioli Martini is a passionate collector and researcher. His wife Cristina collaborates with him sharing his passion for the arts and the antique trade. Although not born in Imola, they deeply feel connected to the city, to his history and culture. They attend the main antique trade fairs, i.e. Biennale dell'Antiquariato in Florence, Gotha in Parma, and Modenantquaria.
For several years Giovanni and Cristina Asioli Martini have been looking after exhibitions and related catalogues for the Foundation of Cassa di Risparmio of Imola and Bologna (Giovanni Domenico Valentini, Domenico Minganti, Giuseppe and Leopoldo Finck, Artisti Imolesi at the Biennale in Venice, and recently Alessandro Dalla Nave ). The selected topics are always of great relevance to the city’s artistic and cultural history.
For 16 years they had looked after exhibitions and publications in regards to Devozione Popolare, in behalf of Clai, in Sasso Morelli.
Furthermore, they have looked after some exhibitions under the framework of Baccanale Imolese, both in Palazzo Tozzoni and in Musei Civici located at Imola.
Passion, professionalism, and cultural in-depth analysis on a daily basis are the distinctive features.

  • Workshop in Siena
    Mid of 16th century

    Small box
    Painted wood
    h. cm 21,5 x 61,5 x 22,0
  • Workshop in Faenza
    1550 ca

    Pharmacy vase
    h. cm 33,0
  • Workshop in Deruta
    1520-30 ca

    Spouted pharmacy jar
    h. cm 22,5
  • Workshop in Deruta
    1520-30 ca

    diam. cm 22,5