Founded in 1951
Longari Arte Milano, a historic gallery active since the 1950s, has recently been renovated by moving its headquarters to Palazzo Cicogna in Corso Monforte 23 close to the Duomo.

Italian primitive sculpture is the artistic branch that has always characterized the activity of the gallery to which the interest in illuminated fragments and works of art between the 13th and 16th centuries have been added over the years. The gallery, which for many years has participated in the most important national exhibitions among which the Florence International Biennial of art, in recent years has also committed itself internationally. The recent participation in Tefaf Maastricht was an opportunity to broaden the gaze to art and collecting beyond the Italian borders.

Longari arte Milano in addition to participating with loans of works to various cultural exhibitions in Italy and abroad, has collaborated with important museums and institutions. In the seventies, in fact, the Vatican acquired a purchase of wooden sculptures that can still be admired today in various locations of the Holy See. More recent sales were at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington and at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan.

Among the exhibitions curated by Longari arte Milano stand out The exhibition of wooden sculptures at the Pirelli center in the 70s, then within the walls of Via Bigli From the Bible by Corradino to Jacopo della Quercia. Italian sculptures and miniatures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the mid-90s and finally A crucifix from the 13th century in Lucca. Around the rediscovery of a medieval wooden masterpiece exhibited in 2010 for a long time at the Diocesan Museum of Milan; all exhibitions accompanied by extensive critical catalogs.

  • Matteo di Giovanni
    Borgo San Sepolcro, 1428 - Siena, 1495

    Saint Christopher and Saint Sebastian
    Tempera on panel, gold ground
    cm 47 × 20 and 47,5 × 20,5
    1480 circa
  • Pavia or Cremona

    Angel in prayer
    Terracotta fragment from a portal of a cloister
    cm 26,5 × 34,5 × 5,5
    1480-1490 circa
  • Lombard sculptor

    Herm-portrait of Sophocles
    cm 37 × 25 × 17
    Fine XV secolo
  • Marino Marini
    Pistoia, 1901 - Viareggio, 1980

    Disegno a sanguigna su velina ocra
    cm 50 × 36