Alessandro Cesati

Founded in 1982
The Alessandro Cesati gallery is specialized in European sculptures and works of art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Parallel to its founding and constant passion for iron and metalwork – for which field the gallery is renowned worldwide – Alessandro Cesati has been extending its spectrum of interests into the most varied niches of collecting for many years now. Ivory, coral, wood, marble, stone, tortoiseshell and terracotta are just some of the many materials handled today by the gallery which carefully selects items in such materials on the basis of quality, rarity and curiosity. Thorough assessment and study of the works are often carried out in conjunction with international scholars and experts, characterising the commitment and professional competence that the Alessandro Cesati gallery places at the heart of its business. The Alessandro Cesati gallery exhibits regularly at TEFAF Maastricht and at the Biennale dell'Antiquariato in Florence.

  • Flanders

    H. cm 37
    1500 circa

    Bibliography : A.E. Theuerkauff-Liederwald, Mittelalterliche Bronzegefässe und Messingefässe, Deutscher Verlag für Kunstwissenschaft, Berlin 1988, n° 88, pag. 144; Tefaf Maastricht 2003 Catalogue, p.185.
  • Francesco Cavrioli
    Vittorio Veneto ? - Venezia 1670

    Fountain mask
    H. cm 38
    1640 circa

    Study by Dr. Simone Guerriero
  • Spain

    Chest Lock
    Wrought, carved and engraved iron
    Cm 20,5 x 22,5
    1500 circa

    References : H. R. d’Allemagne, Decorative Antique Ironwork, Dover Publ., 1968, Pl. 39
  • Chiara Guerzi (preface by Andrea De Marchi)


    Painting and Goldworking in conversation - A rare fourteenth century Sienese Casket