Botticelli Via Maggio

Since 1984, Brothers Bruno and Eleonora Botticelli have dealt with the discovery and study of European sculptures, pieces of furniture and paintings from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. To continue the work begun by his father in 1960 they are a constant presence in the Biennale dell'Antiquariato di Firenze. In the course of time, important works of art discovered by Bruno and Eleonora Botticelli were bought by the Italian government for display at some relevant museums. Among these, the altarpiece by Bernardino Poccetti once in the Certosa del Galluzzo - today at the Uffizi Gallery; and a series of marble pillars carved by Benedetto da Rovezzano for the San Giovanni Gualberto funeral monument - now displayed at the Museo del Cenacolo di San Salvi in Florence. By consolidating a historical collaboration, the Botticelli brothers join Florence’s Bacarelli Gallery at Tefaf,Frieze Masters and Masterpiece Fair in London, maintaining a constant presence on the international art market

  • Sienese Sculptor
    active in the last quarter of the XV century

    Visitation Angel
    Poplar wood sculpture painted and gilded
    cm 170
  • Florentine Manifacture
    first half of XVII century

    series of four textile column hangers
    operated silk
    h. cm 345 X 55 ca
  • Antonio Rossellino
    Settignano 1427/28 - Florence 1479

    The Candelabras Madonna
    Schiacciato style, stucco bas-relief painted and gilded with gilded stucco frame
    cm 82 x 55
  • Matinati Workshop
    Messina end XV – begining XVI century

    Christ on the cross
    Papier machè and carved and painted wood
    cm 114 X 114