Galleria Previtali

The Galleria Previtali has been founded by Gianmaria Previtali in 1963 following the family job of antique dealers dated in the pre-war era .
Italian paintings, furniture and fine arts from XVI° to XVIII° century are the main interest of the gallery trading.
In the last decades the gallery hosted several interesting exhibitions and collections of antiques each of those accompanied by a catalogue. In some special occasions these exhibitions have been inaugurated with a concert or “pièce du theatre” created following the theme of the paintings exposed.
The gallery has been participating at the Biennale of Florence since 1971 and also regularly at other main events of the market.
In the firm Gianmaria Previtali is placed side by side by his wife Adriana who trades in antique jewelry and by his sons Francesco and Gabriele that with their own branch “PrevitaliARTE” are focused on XIX° and XX° century.