Piva & C.

Founded in 1970
“Only masterpieces” in the ‘motto’ which guides Domenico and Tomaso Piva in choosing and appraising art and antique works for their collections.They are few among antiquarians who didn’t surrender to hightened specialization and trive to conduct a polispecialization which goes from old master paintings and sculpture to the historical and artistic context of these works. They look indeed with passion to Venetian and Lombard furniture, to ceramics, to scientific instruments and to works of art.

  • Roman workshop

    Snuff box, Rome 1800 circa
    A porporine glass and micromosaic snuff box, marked on the silver mount.
    8 cm
    1800 circa

    A porporine glass and micromosaic snuff box depicting the Lucano bridge in Tivoli (Rome), marked on the silver mount.
  • Francesco Londonio
    Milan, 1723 - Milan, 1783

    A peasant girl with doves in a basket
    Oil on canvas
    43 x 32,2 cm
    1765 circa

    The subject matter, the style and the quality of execution of the paintings are a testament to Londonio’s hand, who played a leading role in the vibrant age of the Enlightenment in Milan.
  • Ferrara

    A parcel gilt writing desk
    Carved and parcel gilt heather wood
    cm 143 x 167 x 96
    metà del XVIII secolo

    The fitting union between a Roman inspired shape and the Venetian conveying decoration is the main feature, making this piece a unique masterpiece of proportions and details.
  • Nove, Bassano, Antonibon Factory

    A plate decorated with playing cards
    Polychrome faience
    diam. cm 23
    1760 ca

    The plate is one of the very few known pieces of the set embellished with this pattern.