Sandro Morelli
Antichità Sandro Morelli
Antichità Sandro Morelli
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Sandro Morelli founded his gallery in the historic Via Maggio in Florence in 1980, the antique dealers’ road, creating a job out of his passion. Ever since the beginning, his main interest resided within medieval and renaissance art, with a focus on sculpture; over time he became a point of reference for enthusiasts and collectors. His research meant he chose beautiful, but especially interesting works of art, which could convey the essence and the values that are hidden within their creation. Despite no specific legacy or family business to count on, his is a true, innate vocation and his many personal studies have made Sandro Morelli a responsible, well-esteemed expert.

(Siena, 1310 - 1347)

"San Giusto" bishop of Volterra

first half of 1300
sculpted marble, inches H 42 x 9 1/2 x 8

The approach to the workshop of Agostino di Giovanni (Siena, documented 1310-1347) was suggested by Enrica Neri Lusanna, Gert Kreytenberg, Giancarlo Gentilini and David Lucidi who underline the good quality of execution of the statue, despite the wear.Notification Sabap FI n.93/2022 - Report by Dr. Angelo Tartuferi.

"Eagle" - symbol of St. John the Evangelist

first half XVI century
Sculpted and gilded promontory black stone, inches H 34 x 31 x 5

Adoration of the Child

1490 ca.
Carved, painted and gilded wood, inches H 17 3/4 x 14 1/2 x 2

Studies are considering that Giovan Pietro De Donati, to be considered the author of our relief, could be the famous Master of Trognano.

(Florence 1486 - 1530)

Madonna and Child, Saint John and two angels

1520-30 circa
Oil on panel, cm 89x71

Essay by Dr. Elena Capretti.