Rosalia Fornaro
Antichità all'Oratorio
Antichità all'Oratorio
Via dei Giudei 3/d
40126 Bologna (BO)
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The Galleria Antichità all’Oratorio opened in 1971. Its name stems from the historic Spirito Santo Oratory at Via Val d’Aposa, a medieval street in the heart of Bologna, where a small atelier-shop was initially located. As a means of expanding the premises, the business moved to Via de’ Giudei in 2005, in the shadow of the Two Towers, the civic and cultural landmarks in the city. From then on, the gallery has taken part in relevant national fairs (Gotha, Modenantiquaria, Milan Internazionale), as well as organising events and exhibitions in situ, accompanied by various publications (among them Sculptores, Capsellae, Thesaurus and Millennium); these were compiled together with eminent experts and art historians, thus attracting a vast public of specialists, collectors and enthusiasts. The love for the antiques and excellent quality led owner Rosalia Fornaro to undertake this path, together with her husband Giuliano Gaggioli: as experts and collectors themselves, they have always pursued the research, discovery and evaluation of art works with passion and competence. With a focus on medieval and renaissance art, the expansion of the gallery meant more space was dedicated to sculpture and applied arts (bronzes, enamels, ivory, majolica and other media), along with the organisation of major events at the Gallery. Their niece Francesca Gualandi has been working with them since 2005: with a degree in philosophical anthropology, she has completed art history studies and has contributed to the preparation of exhibition catalogues, developing the most innovative aspects of this ever-evolving market.


7 - 21 OCTOBER 2023 Inauguration Saturday 7 October 2023, 18.00 Catalog edited by Francesca Gualandi and Giampiero Sgallari. Critical contributions by Serenella Castri, Alessandro Delpriori, Giancarlo Gentilini and David Lucidi.

Christ Crucified

1500-1520 ca.
Polychrome poplar wood, 90 x 90 cm

Critical study by Francesco Traversi

Christ Redeemer

About 1500
Polychrome terracotta, 40,5 x 40 cm

Critical study by Giancarlo Gentilini and David Lucidi