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ML Fine Art - Matteo Lampertico
ML Fine Art - Matteo Lampertico
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ML FINE ART specialises in Italian post-war art with a special focus on the most important abstract and conceptual artists. The gallery was founded in 2007 in Milan. Since then it has promoted artists like Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, Tancredi, Piero Manzoni, Leoncillo, Alberto Burri, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Alighiero Boetti and Giorgio Morandi, by means of international fairs and exhibitions. While the gallery’s principal focus is modern and contemporary art, Matteo Lampertico also deals in Old Masters, his earliest speciality. The programme focuses on Italian artists of the post-war period and their dialogue with the international avant-garde. Each exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue featuring original research by Italian and international scholars. In recent years, Laura Cherubini and Hans Ulrich Obrist have discussed Carla Accardi, Serge Lemoine has written about Franco Grignani, Jürgen Pech on Max Ernst, and Andrea Bacchi on Fontana, Leoncillo and Melotti. Some of its most remarkable exhibitions are: 4 Americans, 2007 - Boetti Dadamaino. Immagine somiglianza, 2008 – Abstraction creation, 2010 – Tancredi. Natura e spazio, 2011 – Tancredi. The 1960s, 2013 – Vincenzo Agnetti, 2014 – Castellani. Works on paper, 2014 – Homage to the square, 2015 – Gianni Asdrubali. Assolo, 2016 – Franco Grignani, 2017 – Aldo Mondino. Linoleum, 2019 - Max Ernst: An Invitation to look, 2019 - Carla Accardi: Sicofoil, 2020 - Ritorno al Barocco: Fontana, Leoncillo, Melotti, 2021. In addition to the exhibition calendar, the gallery also takes part in international art fairs such as TEFAF, Miart, and the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair, among others.

(Rovereto 1901 - Milan 1986)

Untitled (Female figure)

Glazed ceramic, cm 75x25x27

(Feltre 1927 - Rome 1964)


Mixed media on canvas, cm 40x91

(Rosario di Santa Fé 1899 - Comabbio 1968)

Concetto Spaziale

Waterpaint on canvas, cm 81x100

Young man holding a plate of bread and fish

Oil on canvas, cm 68,3x55,7

The biography transmitted to us by Soprani on Luciano Borzone gives us the image of an artist who was among the most esteemed protagonists of the Ligurian artistic history of the first half of the seventeenth century, appreciated by the most prominent figures of the nobility of the time. It seems to be possible to expect from the Borzone works of a profane nature, destined for a cultured private collection, therefore freed from the iconographic custom of representations destined for public devotion. A significant example of this free production of Borzone, it is certainly to be recognized in this work, stylistically exemplary of his more mature ways, which stand out unmistakably in those soft folds of the cloths almost more summarily suggested than outlined, where every detail of the painting is built with surprising effectiveness to say the least in such a singular executive essentiality.