Gherardo Turchi
Gallori Turchi Antichità
Gallori Turchi Antichità
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The company Gallori Turchi Antichità was founded in 1942 by Giorgio Turchi, great taste and a strong artistic sensibility man. The passion for art was handed down from father to son, the footsteps of Giorgio were followed by his son Bruno, who, with love and dedication, enlarged the business with international business relations and partnerships. The same passion is followed by the new breed of family, the son of Bruno, Gherardo, who is united to his grandfather and his father by the feeling for antiques and ancient weapons, one of the most important symbols of this historic company, which also it boasts a fine selection of tiles, antique paintings and furniture of high antiquarian profile. Today the company has many fellowship and collaborations with some of the most important international Museums, European private associations and International Fashion factories.

Parade shield

Seconda metà del XVI secolo Second half 16th century
Engraved and gilded iron, Ø cm 57

Ancient and quite rare parade wheel-shaped etched shield with gildings, manufactured in one of those masters armourers’flourishing workshops which were working in Milan during the sixteenth century.

Pair of dueling pistol

Seconda metà del XVII secolo Second half 17th century
Norway Maple and forged, engraved and chiseled iron, cm 47 (length)

A rare and elegant pair of muzzle-loading flintlock pistols , made by master Ponsino Valet Borgognone, working in Brescia in the last quarter of the XVIIth century.

Inlaid hunting crossbow

Fine XVI, inizio XVII secolo Late 16th century, first part 17th century
Wood, iron and bone, cm 72 (length)

An ancient and valuable hunting crossbow, made in a richly bone inlaid wood, realized in those flourishing workshops active in Southern Germany, at the end of the sixteenth century.

Consolle table with marble top

Primo quarto del XVIII secolo First quarter 18th century
Carved and gilded wood with yellow Siena marble top, cm 178x90x91,5

According to Alvar Gonzàlez-Palacios, the console table we’re going to analyse was carried out in Florence between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Diacinto Maria Marmi (1625 - 1702) and Giovan Battista Foggini (1625 – 1725) were the most renowned Italian interior designers at that time. Both working at Medici’s court, the first was one of its main officers, the second was appointed leading architect as well as Grand Duchy’s workshop supervisor.