Gianmaria Previtali e Francesco Previtali
Galleria Previtali
Galleria Previtali
Via T. Tasso 21
24121 Bergamo (BG)
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Via S. Spaventa 68
24122 Bergamo (BG)

Galleria Previtali is one of the historic businesses in the world of Italian antiques with 75 years of experience and three generations successfully running it. Today our two Bergamo galleries offer outstanding variety and quality in their selection of art and antiques that we deem unique. Our extensive offer, however, does not stem from improvised dealers, but is rather the result of the very specific skills and artistic interests of each member of the Previtali family, made available to the clientele. The historical site in via Tasso offers jewels, furniture, paintings and sculptures of Italian antiques from the 16th century to Louis XVI; in the modern venue in via Spaventa, 19th and 20th century works of art and contemporary photography are on display, as well as a large section dedicated to home design, gift items with some well-known exclusive brands and collaborations with carefully selected emerging artists. All members of the Gallery are also members of the Italian Antiquarians Association (AAI).


Dal 10 al 31 Ottobre 2014 la Galleria di Via Tasso ospiterà una interessante mostra dedicata al pittore Ernesto Coter, artista bergamasco che, formatosi nel fervore artistico nell'Italia degli anni '50 e '60 dello scorso secolo decide poi di arricchire ulteriormente i propri orizzonti culturali trasferendosi per oltre un trentennio dall'altra parte dell'emisfero, alle isole Samoa. Nelle opere esposte, tutte eseguite nell'ultimo decennio, si trova condensazione di una intera vita dedicata alla pittura e di un percorso interiore che lo riporta a casa con un bagaglio di esperienza talmente "ingombrante" per un uomo solo da dover essere trasposto sulla tela per essere condiviso con noi tutti.

(Milan 1829 - 1879)

The bather

Signed and dated on the base "A. Tantardini F. Milano 1858"
Carrara marble, cm 135h

Antonio Tantardini attended the Brera Academy as a pupil of Pompeo Marchesi and was later appointed as a teacher. His work oscillates between realism and romanticism and ranges from portraits, religious works and genre representations. in Milan he created the monument to Cavour in 1865, worked in the Fabrica del Duomo and exhibited works at the Gallery of Modern Art. In Turin since 1870 he is among the exhibitors at the famous Promoter of Fine Arts. A version of the "Bagnante" is currently exhibited at the Museum of Buenos Aires and a smaller one in the Pinacoteca di Brescia. Tantardini's fame also reaches abroad where he participated in important exhibitions including those in Dublin, Paris and London where the sculpture we present was photographed in 1862 at the exhibition held at the Brompton Boilers in South Kensington.

(Carpi 1660 - 1741)

Large table top

Polychrome scagliola, cm 107x223

Giovanni Massa can be considered one of the greatest performers of the art of scagliola in the Emilian area, his works adorn a large number of churches and sacred places but, given the fame he acheved in life, there are also numerous works carried out for important private individuals throughout northern Italy. The table top depicted here belongs to the more mature period of Massa's work, characterized by a very high degree of technical and qualitative perfection and bya aconception of the prospective composition in which the sacred subject tends to disappear in favour of views with architectures of metaphysical and scenographic spatiality. The sacred is therefore symbolically depicted as a fusion of the natural landscape with the work og man, architecture and ancient riuns. Thi top can be compared with the one located in the Chiesa di San Bernardino in Carpi and dated 1728.

(Antwerp 1631 - Naples 1697 ; Saint Hippolyte 1628 - Rome 1679)

Still life with cherubs

Oil on canvas, cm 102x126