Tomaso Piva
Piva & C.
Piva & C.
Via Bigli 7
20121 Milano (MI)
T +39 02 45481210
C +39 3478789309

Via Meravigli 18, ingresso da Via San Giovanni sul Muro
20123 Milano ()
T +39 02 36632693

“Only masterpieces” in the ‘motto’ which guides Domenico and Tomaso Piva in choosing and appraising art and antique works for their collections.They are few among antiquarians who didn’t surrender to hightened specialization and trive to conduct a polispecialization which goes from old master paintings and sculpture to the historical and artistic context of these works. They look indeed with passion to Venetian and Lombard furniture, to ceramics, to scientific instruments and to works of art.