Lukacs & Donath Antichità

Lukacs & Donath Gallery was established in Rome in 1950, when Imre Lukacs and Hedda Donath arrived from Hungary and founded this activity. Their son Giampaolo, represents the 4th generation of dealers as his Grand-Grandfather Sandor Donath in 1890 opened in Budapest his Antiques Gallery which was in activity till his niece Hedda moved to Italy after WW II°. Since 1950 the Gallery core interest has been focused on Ceramics (Porcelain, Maiolica and Faience)

  • Modelled by Peter Reinicke

    Two figures of Atlas supporting Earth Globe and Celestial Sphere
    Meissen Porcelain
    h. cm 16
    1750 ca
  • Savona, Giuseppe Valente
    End of the 17th century, beginning of the 18th century

    Blue monochrome Maiolica
    h. cm 45

    Decorated with mytological scenes
  • Faenza, bottega delle Amazzoni
    1560 - 65

    A large “istoriato” plate
    Polychrome maiolica
    cm 30,5

    Decorated with Hercules against Amazons
  • Ginori a Doccia
    1750 - 55

    Polychrome and gilded porcelain, pinchbeck candle holders and mercury mirror
    cm 68 x 42,5