Frascione Arte

Founded in 2009
Frascione Arte was born by the experience of four generations of art collectors. Federico Gandolfi Vannini, graduated in History of Art at University of Florence, and his brother Sasha, graduated in Art Management at Economy University of Greenwich (London), hand down with passion their family activity. They work in the italian and foreign market.

  • Luca Giordano
    Naples 1634 - Naples 1705

    David and Goliath
    Oil on canvas
    cm 118 x 102

    The victory of David, the future Judean king, against the Philistine giants Goliath was a subject often recaptured by Luca Giordano, one of the most famous baroque painter in Italy. The painting dates back to the firts decade of XVIII century.
  • Domenico Cresti, called il Passignano
    Passignano 1599 - Florence 1638

    Holy family with St. Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist
    Oil on panel
    cm 146 x 114

    The painting, dating at the last decade of the sixteenth century, recalls the compositions of Andrea del Sarto, but also shows the influence of the venetian painting, that the painter was able to study during his stay in Venice.
  • Angelo Puccinelli
    Documented in Lucca from 1380 to 1407

    Virgin with Child
    Tempera on wood panel
    cm 96 x 66,5

    Maria embraces the Child, who smiles from her caresses. Scholars have attributed the painting to the Lucchese painter Angelo Puccinelli, dating it close to the end of the XIV century. The painting has been purchased by the Museum of Villa Guinigi (Lucca).
  • Antonio Franchi
    Villa Basilica 1638 - Florence 1709

    Maria Maddalena renuonces to vanities
    Oil on canvas
    cm 96 x 118

    Thanks to the manuscripts of the artist preserved in the Uffizi, we know that the painting was realized in 1687 for the Grand Duchess Vittoria della Rovere.It is considered one of the masterpieces by Antonio Franchi, court painter in Florence after 1674.