Frascione Arte

Founded in 2009
Frascione Arte was founded in 2009 by Federico Gandolfi Vannini who opened his gallery in via Maggio, in the prestigious Palazzo Ricasoli Firidolfi. The family collection has been handed down for four generations since 1893. With great passion, Federico is now enriching and expanding the centenary heritage.
The gallery specializes in Italian paintings dating from the 14th and 17th centuries with a particular attention for the Tuscan school. However, there is no lack of openness to more recent works created between the 19th and early 20th centuries that emerge for their artistic and historical qualities. Participation in international fairs such as the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair and TEFAF New York Fall has allowed to create a dense network of relationships with private collectors and prestigious European, American and Asian museums.
Particular attention is shown to the historical and artistic researches. Thanks to the collaboration with important art historians, the most significant results are published by the gallery itself in the series ‘Cahier’. In addition, numerous are the loans of artworks to museums and foundations, such as the bust of 'Carthaginian Hannibal' exhibited during 'Verrocchio, master of Leonardo' in Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.

  • Urbano da Cortona
    Cortona, 1425 ca. - Siena, 1504

    Coat of arms of Pio II Piccolomini
    19.5x12.8x2.3 in
    1458 - 1464
  • Justus Suttermans
    Antwerp, 1597 - Florence, 1681

    Portrait of Claudia de' Medici
    oil on canvas
    25.5x19.6 in
    1620 ca.
  • Giacomo Ginotti
    Turin, 1845 - Turin, 1897

    La Pétroleuse vainçue
    25.5x21.2x13.3 in
  • Marcello Piacentini
    Rome, 1881 - Rome, 1960

    Illuminated avenue EUR
    mixed technique on cardboard
    11x35 in
    1938 - 1939 ca.