Maurizio Brandi Antiquario

Founded in 1945
Founded in 1945 by Gennaro Brandi, and currently run by his son Maurizio, the gallery of Via Morelli is recorded from 1989 to the Association of Antiquarian Italy. Active participant in the events of Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples, offers a panorama of the antiquarian furniture, pottery, porcelain, bronzes, silverware and paintings from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

  • School of Vietri
    First quarter of 19th century

    Polychrome majolica

    Comprising 96 elements, depicting the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1796
  • Naples
    - mid of 18th century

    Pair of mirrors
    Wooden carved in silver and mixture
  • Venice, mid of 16th century

    Pair of bowls
    Polychrome majolica double profiles
    diam. cm 20, h. cm 20
  • Osvald Achenbach
    Dusseldorf 1827 - Dusseldorf 1905

    Fishermen on the Margellina beach
    Oil on canvas
    cm 50 x 71