Caretto & Occhinegro

Established by Francesco Occhinegro and Massimiliano Caretto, the Caretto & Occhinegro gallery dedicates its attention to Flemish, Dutch and German painting - from the 15th to the 17th century.
The high specialization in this sector quickly made the Gallery a point of reference both for the market and for the historical-artistic studies dedicated to Northern schools. The gallery organizes periodic and temporary events dedicated to specific topics, in Italy and abroad, and also participates in various international fairs. The exceptional quality of the works offered allows our constant collaboration in public exhibits as donors and technical advisers.
Our selection of Old Masters focuses on the North European schools, favoring high age Flemish and German Renaissance painting.

We focus particular attention on Brueghel, a circle representing, in reputation, value and importance, the absolute excellence of Flemish art. We can supply various types of paintings of the Brueghel Dynasty and their circle, studied for any type of purchase.

Finally, we also offer a selection of works from the Dutch Golden Age.

  • Pseudo-Blesius

    Adoration of Magi
    cm 72x100
    1530 ca.
  • Ambrosius Francken II

    Oil on Panel
    cm 64x50
    1610 ca.
  • Jan van Kessel the Elder

    Study of Insect with a flower of Borago Officinalis
    oil on copper
    10x16 cm
    1650 ca.
  • Jan Brueghel II and Frans Wouters

    Allegory of Fire
    oil on panel
    56x89 cm
    1645 ca.