Baratti Antiquario S.r.l.

Internationally renown antiquario and established connoisseur of the history of art, Giorgio Baratti has been active since 1964 in the art market, moving his first steps between Pisa and Florence, and then in Milan where in 1982 he established the Giorgio Baratti Arte Antica.
Right in the heart of Milan, the gallery gradually expanded its offer, reaching the peak of the art market both in Italy and internationally. Baratti Antiquario is today located in the prestigious Palazzo Bigli Ponti, one of the most important palaces in Milan, where bramantesque architecture is enriched by frescoes from the school of Leonardo. More recently, the gallery opened a new space in Palazzo Frescobaldi in Florence.
Through his decades long career, Giorgio Baratti has consulted for the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the National Gallery, Washington, the National Gallery of Warsaw and worked on the Catalogo dell’Antiquariato vol. 3 and 4 in 1993/1994 edited by Mondadori. He has been on the board of directors of the prominent Italian auction house Finarte and managed its antiques departments until 2003.
The gallery took part in several art fairs, Mint (Milan International Antiques and Modern Art Fair), the Internazionale at the Permanente in Milano, Gotha of Parma, Collezionismo Internazionale in Palazzo Venezia, Roma, and the Biennale dell’Antiquariato di Firenze, among others.
Many are the works of art that passed through the gallery before being purchased by international museums, such as the Getty Museum in Malibu and the Louvre Museum. His wide ranging understanding of the art market and his decades long experience gave him the opportunity to curate national and international private collections for some of the finest patrons of the art.
Giorgio Baratti is used to promote the artworks in his collection through museum exhibitions and international loans. In 2010 the town of Cesena dedicated the exhibition Lo Studiolo di Baratti to his charismatic collection, curated by professor Massimo Pulini. In February 2020 the exhibition From Sacro to Profano – the Giorgio Baratti collection was inaugurated in Vilnius, at the National Museum of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, with a selection of more than eighty works. Among others, prof. Andrea Emiliani, prof. Claudio Strinati, prof. Giancarlo Sestieri, prof. Giancarlo Gentilini and prof. Nicola Spinosa have talked about him.

    Taverna 1613 - La Valletta 1699

    Christ in Prayer
    Oil on canvas
    166,5 x 116 cm
    Documented between 1633 and 1655

    Still life
    Oil on canvas
    74 x 97 cm
  • Drawn by Giovan Batista Foggini
    Florence 1652 - Florence 1725

    golden wood finely carved
    99 x 124 x 60 cm

    “I mobili di Palazzo Pitti, il periodo dei Medici” byi E. Colle, Allemandi Editore, p. 28 “Il mobile Barocco in Italia, Arredi e decorazioni d’interni dal 1600 al 1738” by E. Colle, Electa, p. 192
    Florence 1515 - Rome 1598

    Portrait of Leone X
    Oil on panel
    109 x 85,5