Romigioli Antichità S.r.l.

Founded in 1970
The gallery was opened in 1970 by Riccardo Romigioli. It has been in its present location near the Legnano(Mi) motorway exit since 1990. It is a spacious, welcoming and intimate gallery where the furniture, paintings and objects are displayed in a tasteful setting. We have always dealt in antique Italian furniture of considerable age, mostly 17th century , although fine 18th century Lombard and Veneto pieces are also well represented. Our interest in majolica also reflects the traditions of the gallery and we concentrate principally on Medieval and Renaissance pieces. However, in recent years we have increasingly focused our attention on paintings. Apart from Renaissance paintings on wood we have an excellent range of still lifes, from the Caravaggesques and post-Caravaggesques to those in the full Baroque style; from the Roman and Neapolitan painters whose work has always enjoyed popularity to the artists from the Lombardy Region, currently attracting growing attention and appreciation. The first exhibition 'Il trionfo della natura. Viaggio nella natura morta dell'Italia barocca' was held in spring 2004. It comprised 32 unpublished works of the very highest quality and included explanatory notes by international art expert Alberto Cottino. The gallery takes part in the major exhibitions held in Italy, first of all the Biennale dell'Antiquariato in Florence.

  • Maestro dei Compianti

    San Giovanni Dolente
    scultura in legno di tiglio
    H 85 cm
    fine XV° secolo
  • Giannicola di Paolo e collaboratore
    Perugia, doc. dal 1484 - Perugia – morto nel 1544

    Compianto su Cristo morto e figure di santi
    olio su tavola
    82 x 73 cm

    relazione storico artistica del Professor Mauro Minardi
  • Francesco di Girolamo dal Prato
    Attivo a Firenze dal 1543 al 1562

    Madonna e Bambino
    olio su tavola
    106 x 76 cm

    già Collezione Litta Castelbarco di Milano; Studio del Professor Carlo Falciani
  • Giovanni Paolo Castelli detto Spadino
    Roma 1659 - Roma 1730

    Still live
    oil on canvan
    77 x 122 cm

    Scheda scientifica Professor Alberto Cottino