Antonio Parronchi
Parronchi Dipinti '800 -'900
Parronchi Dipinti '800 -'900
Via dei Fossi 18r
50123 Firenze (FI)
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Antonio Parronchi has always had an interest in paintings and has visited museums and galleries, spent time with art critics and dealers ever since he was young. His initial fascination for contemporary art was taken over by a new passion: the Macchiaioli, the Ottocento and early 20th century, which led him to collect works from these periods. He became a professional in 1962 and started working with the Florence-based gallery Il Fiorino in 1975, to organise a relevant exhibition on the painter Oscar Ghiglia at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. He opened his first gallery in 1977 with the show “Tuscan painters from Neoclassicism to the post Macchiaioli era.” He opened a gallery in Milan in 1992, which stayed in business for twenty-five years. Antonio Parronchi has published several catalogues and monographs; his last effort is a catalogue raisonné for Allemandi Publishing.

(Florence 1862 - Paris 1923)

Piazza Duomo in Florene or Under the rain

Oil on canvas, cm 121x80

(Fontebuona 1836 - Florence 1886)

Stern wind

Terracotta, cm 77h

(Milan 1851 - 1923)

Washerwoman at Mondonico's Valloncello

Mixed technique on cardboard, cm 96x63

(Livorno 1825 - Florence 1908)

Livorno coast

Oil on panel, cm 23x32,5