Franco Giorgi
Ditta Giorgi
Ditta Giorgi
Via de’ Serragli 186r
50124 Firenze (FI)
T +39 055 225147
F +39 055 225147
C +39 328 7227518

The city of art and immense craftsmanship, feeling passionate about beautiful creations and their enhancement comes natural in Florence. Even more so if this activity has been carried through for generations. Franco Giorgi has been at the helm of the Ditta Giorgi ever since 1976, founded by his great-great-grandfather Tommaso in 1853. The business now sits in the Oltrarno quarter, the land of cabinet-makers and woodworkers, decorators and weavers, in a place where art has always been conceived as a profession and the passing down of knowledge, where the master crafted a work and instructed apprentices who may well have surpassed him. Here, Franco Giorgi carries on with his task of safeguarding and promoting this culture. His gallery is replete with fine pieces of furniture, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, prints and fabrics, the outcome of a careful and competent research, and also the result of highly specialized restoration campaigns.