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Augusto Brun opened the gallery Il Quadrifoglio in Milan in 1993. Since then his true passion for art has always been the main drive towards his achievements in the world of fine art. The gallery has constantly grown up acquiring both reliability and competence, introducing and leading its own clients and art lovers through the vast and fascinating fusion of ages, artists and historical events that make up the art world. His brother Marco joined the gallery in 2003, contributing to the enrichment of Il Quadrifoglio with strength, energy and competitiveness. We believe that in the past eminent sculptors, painters and architects never made distinctions between the various aspects of creativity, but rather focused on enhancing the quality of works of art instead. This is why we look for those furnishings, bronzes, paintings and objects of absolute quality and beauty today, and we share this magnificent passion with anyone wishing to be surrounded by works of art. The gallery Il Quadrifoglio is a member of the Italian Antiquarians Association and the Italian Federation of Antique Dealers. We also take part to several International and Italian exhibition such as: the Florence and Rome International Biennial Antiques Fair, the International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show in New York, Masterpiece in London and the BRAFA Art Fair in Brussels.

(Florence 1664 - 1722)

Female bust

Terracotta, cm 60h

At the first contact, one is struck by the grace of this beautifully proportioned terracotta bust. The face has classic features, the gaze is turned upwards and away from the viewer, and the neck, slender and rounded, adds a further accent of distinction. The hair, rendered with great skill by the sculptor, is ruffled by a slight movement and is gathered behind the head and then descends into a long braid behind the neck, forming one of the most pleasant details.

Fire screen

1780 circa
Carved and gilt wood, cm 165x95x36

A frame carved with a wave motif widens at the bottom and top corners to accommodate little panels with bosses; the top edge rises to form two curves that converge into a circle, with a torch and a quiver at the top. Floral festoons fall from the top along the sides and reappear, hanging, at the bottom. Two legs in the form of Greek frets are connected by a crossbar; at its centre stands a vase with handles and a lid. The central panel is covered on both sides with polychrome silk embroidery.