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Galleria Russo
Galleria Russo
Via Alibert 20
00187 ROMA (RM)
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Founded in 1898, the Galleria Russo is the oldest Italian modern art gallery. Throughout 124 years of activity it has made a fundamental contribution to our country creation of an art market that has been totally renewed compared to nineteenth-century standards and in line with the socio-economic structure established in the postwar period. In the memory of fans, the name of Galleria Russo inseparably linked to the human and professional relationship established between the 1940s and 1967 with Giorgio de Chirico, a great Italian art scene of the 1900s protagonist, and to a series of exhibitions of great importance. Since the early 2000s, Fabrizio Russo, great-grandson of the founder Pasquale Addeo, has introduced an exhibition programme which alternates important historical masters of 20th century research exhibitions with discovery and development of young contemporary artists ones. The current gallery location - a large local overlooking on Via Alibert, a small stretch of road right in the heart of the Tridente, the historic Roman district of art galleries and artists - also houses the L’Archivio dell’Opera di Duilio Cambellotti

(Turin 1858 - Milan 1928)

Ecce Puer

Wax, cm 47x34x20 circa