Miriam Di Penta
Miriam Di Penta Fine Arts
Miriam Di Penta Fine Arts
Via di Monserrato 34
00186 Roma (RM)
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An art historian with a PhD in Italian Baroque, Miriam di Penta published two monographs and numerous articles on scientific magazines. She taught and held conferences at the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities, from La Sapienza in Rome to London’s The Courtauld Institute of Arts – where she majored – the Cini and Longhi Foundations in Venice and Florence, as well as Ferrara and Turin Universities. Relying on her sound academic training and on a thorough technical analysis of works, Miriam selects the old master drawings and paintings presented in her Gallery by choosing among great masters of Italian Baroque, but also foreign artists active in Italy between the 16th and early 19th century. Her museum-quality paintings and objects, aimed at Italian and international collectors, are presented in the Gallery in the private context of an inside garden at Palazzo Capponi-Antonelli in Rome, a stone’s throw from Piazza Farnese. A world of culture and beauty that is ideal for the study, research and contemplation of art, in a setting where the refined quality of the works, selected with rigour, blends with an atmosphere that speaks the language of modern, informal elegance.

(Naples 1617 - Rome 1673)

Still life with shells and oysters on a beach

1650-1660 circa
Oil on canvas, cm 46,5x61,5

(Lucca 1569 circa - Rome 1629)

Self-portrait as a writer

1615–1620 circa
Oil on canvas, cm 57,9x47

(Naples 1616 - 1656)

St. Dorothy with the Angel

1640-1645 circa
Oil on canvas, cm 121x89

Original frame