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Galleria Antiquaria Marletta
Galleria Antiquaria Marletta
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Established in 1958 by the restorer and antiquarian Pino Marletta, Galleria Marletta lies at the core of Florentine arts and antiquities, inside the renaissance Ridolfi Guidi Palace, which hosted the English poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning in the 19th century. The Gallery specialises in primarily Italian drawings, paintings, sculptures and works of art from the 16th to the 20th century; its main goal is the search for quality and uniqueness of the items, drawing the esteem and interest of important national and international institutions, as well as connoisseurs and private collectors. The gallery promotes exhibitions both thematic ("Metamorphosis of the Nude" curated by prof. Carlo Sisi in 2019 and "Fascination and elegance in neoclassical art" curated by prof. Sandro Bellesi in 2022) and monographic ("Drafts, drawings and sketches. Behing the scenes of Giovanni Colacicchi's art" in 2022).

(Prato 1777 - Florence 1850)

Female portrait

marble, h. 26.57

Expertise by prof. Sandro Bellesi

Study of a Male Nude

around 1641
red pencil on laid paper, 17.48 x 11.22

The paper has on the front a Male Nude Study on red pencil while on the back a decorative motif and an inscription inspired by the Venal Love in ink. It was part of the prestigious collection of Francesco Maria Niccolò Gaburri (1676 – 1742). Expertise by doc. Maria Cecilia Fabbri.

(Pistoia circa 1624 - Rome 1703)

Pair of Painting Allegories

end of the 17th
oil on canvas, 44.48 x 23.62 inch

The two allegories represent "The Triumph of the Painting chaired by Apollo and Minerva" and "The Academy of Saint Luke rewarding young artists" and they were meant to be a pair, made during the long activity of the artist at the Roman Academy of Saint Luke. Expertise by doc. Antonella Pampalone.

(Haarlem 1644 - Amsterdam 1675)

Market at Piazza del Popolo

around 1674
oil on canvas, 41.7 x 47.51

Expertise by doc. Laura Laureati