Valerio Turchi
Antichità Valerio Turchi
Antichità Valerio Turchi
Via Margutta 91/a
00187 Roma (RM)
T +39 06 3235047

Three generations sharing a strong passion for Greek and Roman antiquities, and perhaps more importantly a thorough specialist competence in their field: the story of the Turchi family is a love affair, passed on from one generation to the next, as far as Valerio Turchi, who took leadership of the Rome Gallery, located at Via Margutta 91/A, in 1992. Grandad Venanzio had established the Gallery in what is known as the “Antiquarian Road” in 1960, with Alfredo taking over after him. Over the years, Galleria Turchi grew to become a celebrated and much loved gallery, one of the very few where Greek and Roman sculptures can be admired and purchased. Not only does Valerio Turchi’s extensive knowledge ensure that only high-quality pieces are selected and offered for sale, but his specific expertise blends well with the type of instinct and intuition, only possessed by anyone growing up in an archaeology-rich environment Furthermore, Galleria Turchi built its reputation of integrity and unbound respect for the laws regulating the sales and exports of antiquities, by closely working with the Archaeological Superintendence in Rome, sometimes offering precious and relevant help to the Carabinieri Group for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Valerio Turchi takes part in the main antiques fair in Florence, Rome and London, where he regularly exhibits at Masterpiece.