Luigi Torlo
Palazzo Torlo Antiquariato
Palazzo Torlo Antiquariato
Via Curtoli 26 bis/28
80059 Torre del Greco (NA)
T +39 081 3580095
F +39 081 8820853
C +39 335 8386888

Via C. Pisacane 53
20129 Milano (MI)
T +39 02 29525980

The passion for art of Carmine and Andrea Torlo led to the establishment of Palazzo Torlo Antiquariato in 1968. The headquarter lies in an early 19th c. historic mansion; a new gallery opened in Milan in 2011. Now in its second generation, the Torlo family is a point of reference for collectors and antiquarians and it succeeded in reinventing itself, adapting to the evolution of the art market, still being truthful to the family antiquarian tradition.