Antonella Bensi

A brief summary of my life: I was born in Florence. When I moved to Milan, after having spent a few years in Rome working in the film industry, I chose a job through which I could use and develop the potential that my Art studies had offered me, and what better place than a city so rich with treasures of every type and period. I chose to do this furthering my knowledge of Art.
In the first years of activity I met antique dealers like Tullio Silva, Fabrizio Apolloni and Gianfranco Mazzoleni who all helped me. Tullio Silva said to me "specialise yourself". Apolloni and Mazzoleni, once I had made my choice of specialising in antique silverware, taught me a lot about that particular field of work. It was in those years that I became a qualified expert for the Chamber of Commerce and the Law Courts of Milan.
I moved from my first shop in Corso Europa 16, located in a beautiful seventeenth century courtyard, to Via Santo Spirito from which I still work today. If travelling was considered a means of study before the development of tourism took place, and it's fruits ornaments of the mind and the formation of the ability to judge, today, with internet, travelling is accessible to everyone. It is possible to approach who and what we want, in a very simple way, clicking on key words, following fascinating itineraries that we can return to as many times as we like. Journeys like this can be repeated continually and together with the descriptions provided, often with some minute details, it is possible to learn to choose antiques.